Out now on VAULT OF DRIED BONES (VAULT 036). Limited to 500 units.
Distributed worldwide by GODZ OV WAR PRODUCTIONS. Order now!

Chaotic black death war summoned from the ancient necropolis of Thebes featuring members of HADOPELAGYAL, NUCLEARHAMMER and DEATH WORSHIP.

The digipaks were manufactured in Poland and will begin shipping Friday, December 9th from GODZ OV WAR PRODUCTIONS.
THE VAULT will receive copies early January for North America. The CD will become available from us at that time through our online shop and bandcamp.

Vinyl and cassette released by NUCLEAR WAR NOW! PRODUCTIONS.

Listen to the opening track DESECRATEDIVINE.

…Bodies litter the banks of the Nile river southwest axis parallel crushing heads up ahead in battle dark we enter Zeus Ammon…

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