Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, RADIOACTIVE VOMIT expel psychotic, d-beat driven black death armageddon assaults devoid of penance. The new t-shirt design honours their second demo “Witchblood” released earlier this year on Serpents Head Reprisal and Bird Of Ill Omen. Radioactive Vomit are currently completing their new EP titled “Ratsflesh”. A morbid full length lurks in the bleak, war-torn horizon.

Printed with metallic aztec gold plastisol ink and grey plastisol ink.

From the ruins of Ross Bay, a pestilent wind arises. Radioactive Vomit spew forth smoking bile, in the form of abrasive black metal. Dissonant, disgusting, and wretched, they push the limits of war-infested disharmony to a new level of frenzy. Demobilizing layers of sound embroil over explosive blasts and morbid D-beat militarization. Choke on Radioactive Vomit – Serpents Head Reprisal

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