Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, RADIOACTIVE VOMIT expel psychotic, d-beat driven black death armageddon assaults devoid of penance. The new t-shirt design honours their second demo “Witchblood” released earlier this year on Serpents Head Reprisal and Bird Of Ill Omen. Radioactive Vomit are currently completing their new EP titled “Rat Flesh” which was recorded, mixed and mastered by VK (Vassafor, Diocletian, Ulcerate). A morbid full length lurks in the bleak, war-torn horizon.

Printed with metallic aztec gold plastisol ink and grey plastisol ink.

From the ruins of Ross Bay, a pestilent wind arises. Radioactive Vomit spew forth smoking bile, in the form of abrasive black metal. Dissonant, disgusting, and wretched, they push the limits of war-infested disharmony to a new level of frenzy. Demobilizing layers of sound embroil over explosive blasts and morbid D-beat militarization. Choke on Radioactive Vomit – Serpents Head Reprisal

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