Grandeurs of obliteration through illumination
Bestowed upon thousands of ghastly scenes of death we found the remains of your sons to come
All marked for a warm summer ritual decapitation
Exploiting unpure energies and heralding the mudras of the vaamacara
We are the enemies of your divinity.

Ancient Sri Lankan death horde GENOCIDE SHRINES have unleashed their new and exclusive nuclear premonition “Kaalisutra” via Vault Of Dried Bones. Adam Kindred at Stench Of Tomorrow invoked the malignant demise praising vision.

Genocide Shrines recently channelled their “Devanation Monumentemples” EP into mortal translation with Iron Bonehead Productions releasing the MLP version and Cyclopean Eye Productions releasing the MCD and cassette versions. Their sound, determination and delivery justifies all accomplishments they have attained in one short year.

Prepare for the death of gods and men.

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