A treatise addressing the inception of universal matter and consciousness as the fatality of naught and the resulting psychic tendrils of de-creation protruded by the great husks of primordial waste that slobber in the stagnant pools of non-existence. Suffocating atmospheres devour light and time in a vortex of primitive occultic torture. This is the call, howled from the depths of Tartarus via the haggard throat of chained iridescence, to ultimate illumination through the mirrored abyss. – ANTEDILUVIAN

Chaotic, time destroying death metal entity ANTEDILUVIAN unleashed a landmark EP early 2011 under the name “Revelations In Excrement” via Bird Of Ill Omen / Nuclear War Now Productions. Revelations In Excrement descends deeper into the darkness their four previous demos are rightfully heralded for conjuring.

Previously released in Europe by Supremacy Through Intolerance, ANTEDILUVIAN bestowed Vault Of Dried Bones with printing and distributing the “Revelations In Excrement” t-shirt design in North America. The artwork is from a tryptic called “mirror” and it sits in the center with two more faces to the right and left. The one on the right is the image that appears on the cover of the Revelations in Excrement release.

ANTEDILUVIAN unleash their first full-length album this November titled “Through The Cervix Of Hawwah” via Invictus Productions and Profound Lore.

Hearken unto ANTEDILUVIAN’s Revelations In Excrement, At The Swirling Spouts Of Uncreation.

Logo and artwork by Tim Grieco

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